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06 LGT looking to swap 06 sti front bumper cover

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From what I have been seeing the 06-07 STI bumpers or maybe the 08's. The obvious parts that would require fabrication would be mounting for aftermarket.


Has anyone on here done the swap? Or know if they can be swapped w/o major fabrication.


"]https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wrx-Sti-C-speed-Front-Bumper-Body-Kit-1-Pc-For-Subaru-Impreza-06-07-Du/162069669539?fits=Year%3A2006%7CMake%3ASubaru&hash =item25bc1ae6a3:g:ScAAAOSwmT1cBe94:rk:32f:0[/url]



The duraflex site has it for $114

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With an unlimited budget, anything is possible. Many people have molded together the top half of the GT bumper to the bottom half of the STI but to get it looking decent requires a lot of time and patience, plus the sanding and painting mess. Not worth it in my opinion.
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