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VF38 Twin Scroll Question

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Iirc, this is true (unique up pipe turbo flange and dump pipe flange) of both stock flanged jdm STi and LGT twin scroll setups vs stock flanged single scroll cars.


Jdm STi ts flanges (up and down) also being different to the jdm LGT ts flanges (the former generally allowing more flow).

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Its really dependent on your actual intent and budget to accomplish it.

But the initial starting point is basic maintenance and a sensible tune, looking for basic upgrades along the way. :)


Plus learning logging, LV and diagnostics with tactrix or btssm, essential if you want to know your cars current health.

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If I were doing it again, I’d get to know the car via logging & lv, do some basic maintenance related upgrades, get a conservative tune for drivability and reliability...

And save up to support whatever power level I thought appropriate to my needs.


That would be a medium frame turbo on a ts mani and a built for revs 2.34 destroker lol...

Maybe in another 7 years then :p

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