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Rally Armor UR Hardware Inserts?


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So I have a set of Rally Armor URs that came with the car, and a bag of hardware.


Sadly the bag of hardware is incomplete, and RA doesn't like to provide hardware without a receipt/doctors note.


I think I have the majority of the hardware taken care of.


I have the clips, and the 1 inch screws/washers, and the two 0.5 inch spacers. I figure I can rustle up the two 1.5 inch screws.


What I don't have are the two "inserts" since I don't know what they are.


Does someone have a kit that they can describe/measure what the inserts are?





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Honestly I would probably bring one of the screws with me to Lowes or HD and look in their specialty hardware section. Measure the hole if you can. Otherwise I would probably just buy a selection of various fasteners off Amazon. If I get a chance in the next week or so I'll try pulling one of mine and measuring it for you.
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