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P204HU vs P206HU


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My P204HU in my 08 GT is on the fritz, I have found two P206HUs both from cars with under 73K miles. Before I buy, is wanted to ask yall: is there any reason the P206 WONT work with a car that had the P204?




I have the factory amp in my 8 LGT and the SAT module, I feel like there should be no issue but wanted to make sure before I buy a HU and cant return it.





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GEE, I have the same issue with my 06. well the stuck CD in the changer is killing the battery in two days. So I in plugged the unit rom the main and all is fine. 05-08 with Dual zone climate will work. can you please point me to one of those units that are forsale, I need one so I can put my 06 back together. thanks
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