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Looking for some advice on a tune.

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I just recently bought my 2005 legacy gt wagon that is completely stock with 95k miles on it. The first thing I want to do is get an accessport for the car and since I just bought the car I wanted to know if it would be okay to get the v2 instead of the v3 because money is tight right now and also if I should get the 003 or 004.
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You have a 2005 LGT, Only SUB-002 will be compatible with your vehicle. SUB-003 and SUB-004 will NOT work. The v2 AP will start to drop in price once the new year hits because Cobb will stop pushing updates for them so if you want to wait, then get one then. The v3 is obviously superior in every way and you can find a used one around $500.
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The V2 is still fine to use for everyday use and general tuning. Just be warned that there will be no updates for it and resale value will only continue to go down. As NewEraHanz said, only get the SUB-002 unless you want to pay Cobb a lot of money to flash new software on it to make it work for your car.
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