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Performance OEM SPT/STI Parts that fit 2010-2012 Legacy GT

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Hello (sorry in advance for the long post)


Does anyone know of STI /SPT OEM Subaru performance parts that fit the Legacy GT? (other than the STS, shift knob and foot pedals)


I know the EJ255 engine on the LGT is on other models, right? (with the exception of the turbo location..)


After searching the forum and finding the attached threads, it looks like Perrin has worked with a couple guys on this forum (GTEASER) to test-fit parts made for a 2015 WRX to see if they worked on our 2010-2012 Legacy GT's - specifically their shifter stop and shifter bushing on the basis that the LGT had the same transmission. Additionally, the other thread I attached below on what parts fit other models was helpful too, but...


I am specifically looking for OEM performance Subaru brand cat-back exhaust, STI shocks, SPT cold air intake, STI front and rear sway bar / tower bar, tS grille emblem, 2014 front end/STI Lip. Reading about these Perrin parts just makes me wonder how many other companies haven't properly test-fitted / marketed their performance parts for our LGT's? Including Subaru!


But basically, I am trying to turn my 2010 LGT into the rare Legacy GT tS - as shown below in the motortrend article and photos. Not because I want my car to be something its not, I love the quiet-looking sleeper she is but would like to improve the handling and overall driving experience, and I am huge trusting fan of Subaru. If I could drive a LGT tS in the USA/ nonetheless find one to purchase, I would!


(Seemingly only 600 LGT tS's were made and sold in Japan.. but come on, the tS owners gotta do regular maintenance, thus we must have part numbers somewhere right?!


This article on the LGT tS has far more photos and information about the performance mods the STI department decided to add.









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Just FYI, you posted this in the Pictures forum rather than the main Fifth Gen forum. But regardless, the majority of the STI brand parts used on the tS are available for purchase, but honestly, you'll be spending a ton of money for only a modicum of performance improvement.


First off, the tS does not exist outside of Japan. The earliest you will ever find a real 5th gen Legacy tS in the United States is 2034 when they become 25 years old, as they are an import model. Secondly, due to this, every single part/item will have to be sourced and imported from Japan, which will astronomically increase the shipping charges, especially for larger items. Thirdly, as stated earlier, the STI parts are nice, but the majority are just suspension and chassis parts, and a spattering of cosmetic parts. You will get much better performance and feel improvements while keeping the sleeper look and feel by going with aftermarket components that are available domestically like a Koni/Eibach or Koni/H&R spring setup, or a proper coilover setup, and things like Whiteline suspension components, sway bars, endlinks, bushings, etc. That said, some of the bespoke items for the Legacy tS such as the aluminum front lower control arms or the red-stitched center armrest simply aren't purchasable and are not technically considered part of the STI catalogue, so the only real way to find them and several other parts is finding a tS part out on Yahoo.jp auctions. Unfortunately, this also includes the factory Bilsteins struts.


That said, if you are super keen on specifically having the STI parts, here's a link to what's available. https://www.sti.jp/parts/legacyb4_bm/ But to give you an idea, I just took a quick pass through and added up the price for all of the available STI components that would be compatible with your car, and the rough price in PARTS ALONE, not factoring shipping and install, would be roughly ¥562800 which converts to about $4975 with current conversion rates. Really, REALLY not worth it unless it's a passion project to you. <$2000 with coils/springs or coilovers and Whiteline suspension components can completely sort you out domestically.


If you are looking to stick to OEM upgrade options, the 20mm rear sway bar from the 2015 STI is a direct bolt on to all 5th gens, though the front sway bar is bespoke to the 5th gen individual models. Most of the rear suspension is compatible with 2015 STI infact, and 90% of anything back there that's 2015 STI compatible is also 5th gen compatible. The front end is entirely unique to the 5th gen. There is not a Subaru brand catback exhaust that will fit the 5th gen without modification. A few have used the 2015 STI SPT catback but that requires altering the length of the midpipe. The SPT intake can work with the engine but requires modification to fit the 5th gen properly, and would be a good idea to get tuned for if you're dead set on it. There is an STI brand front strut tower bar available for the 5th gen, you can find it on just about every Subaru parts sit for about $300. tS emblems can easily be found on SubiSpeed.com, 2014 front end can be sourced from ebay essentially and requires the 2014 front bumper and front grille (getting the 2013/14 headlight housings would be a good look as well, OEM ones are about $650/pair, while aftermarket recreations are about $300/pair from RockAuto). If you go that route, the real STI lip is very expensive and will cost several hundred dollars to get to the US, and won't fit perfectly due to shape differences between the 2013+ JDM and USDM front ends (they ARE different), but this ebay clone is less than $100 and looks and fits just about perfect on the USDM front. https://www.ebay.com/itm/371885335221

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Moving this thread over to the 5th-gen general forum- like Humble mentioned, you'll get a lot more technical traffic there than you will in the photos section.


As far as front sway bars, the GT and 2.5i use the same part number up through 2012, and the '13 facelift 2.5i only, RIP GT) made a few suspension changes, including a heavier front sway bar. You do have to lift the engine slightly in order to wiggle it in there, but the 26mm '13-'14 2.5i FSB (and bushings) will fit as an upgrade from the stock 23mm bar. RSB is a drop-in from the '15+ WRX/STI, like Humble mentioned. Rear lower control arms are the same as a number of different model year WRXes, which are the same as the BRZ, so there's loads of options out there for those. The Whiteline and SPC offerings (same stamping, near as I can tell) are both solid choices- not overly flashy, but they're fairly inexpensive and give you the ability to adjust rear camber, which is a plus if you plan on lowering the car.


As far as performance stuff is concerned, we share a good handful of bolt-ons with the '15+ WRX due to having the same turbo location and transmission, but we have kind of a parts box engine. It's an EJ255, but we have dual-AVCS heads like the STI and newer WRX. Same OEM intercooler part number as the '15+ WRX, so most aftermarket top-mount intercoolers for that generation will bolt right up unless they require a different charge pipe (eg. Process West Verticooler).

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A tS clone would be cool, but from a purely a performance standpoint the juice isnt worth the squeeze IMO.


My car came with OE Bilsteins (factory sport package suspension also using Bilstein inverted struts and shocks, a notch below the tS), and they do not have the all around comfort and performance I got from aftermarket Bilstein/aftermarket spring combos in other cars. Ride is harsh on low speed and rough roads, but I admit they perform wonderfully at speed. It's just that aftermarket was both comfortable and great at speed.


It didnt surprise me at all that there are A LOT of take-off OE Bilstein sport package suspensions for the Legacy being sold on the Japanese sites for cheap.


Basing on this, I have no real desire to get tS suspension parts. I may jump on tS aesthetics and bracing if they are cheap but they arent a must have for me. Expensive for little to no gain.


Anyway, JMHO. The STI Japan link Humble Rumble shared should have the part numbers you are looking for. They part numbers are floating around online, I came across some of them before.

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Humble Rumble and cww516 thank you for catching the post in the pictures forum, I spell checked like 3 times but failed to check the actual posting location!


So to kind of put things into perspective.. I bought the car from my dentist for $12,500 in March 2018. Then 1.5 weeks later the clutch went out, I took it to Elite Motorsports in Oakdale, MN and had a Stage 2 clutch put it, said the head was leaking, so we did a MLS headgasket, spark plugs. While the engine was out and I was 10k mi shy of the timing belt thought might as well.. soo did the timing belt, water pump, pulleys, seals, tensioner, etc. Then 1 month later the turbo is making funny noises, check it out, bad bearing starved of oil, banjo bolt removed, replaced the turbo and cat, then also noticed I need a new radiator, front and rear brakes, new starter, axle seals, PCV valve.. etc. In less than 3 months I ended up spending over $8500, and now I am $21000 into it.. it was just one thing after another, and this was my first Subaru, it was so fun to drive

and I needed a car to get to work and was taking Uber's while it was in the shop. SO spat up the $$$ again.. IDK, needless to say I am going to own this car for a long time.. so I kind of want to turn it into a project and continue to add performance parts over the span of like 10 years, just for my own driving pleasure. I drive a motorcycle in the Summer too so not putting a whole lot of miles on it!


Humble - THANK YOU for those links, especially the STI japan site. I'll likely start with purchasing stuff that is compatible with the 2015 STI as its stateside, like the 20mm rear sway bar, this is good info!!

This is a daily driver still and my front drivers shock is slightly leaking so new suspension next summer will be the first.

I found the special appearance 2014 headlights, bumper, bumper lip, grille and fog lights on various sites, and can do that under a around a grand.

The only tS grille emblem I could find was for the BRZ : http://www.subispeed.com/subaru-ts-front-emblem-and-bracket-17-brz#.XBJ04FVKhpg


cww16 - Thanks for moving the thread to the proper forum. Regarding the sway bar, this is also great information. The 2015 WRX turbo location is on the lower left too?

And thats what I love about the LGT, it is similar in performance to the WRX but less flashy and has a more refined interior (wood trim and white leather and all).

I bought the clutch damper delete part and am thinking of having a go at it along with the slave spring. Would you want to meet up to tackle that with me?


ripstik - ooohhh looks nice, I like it!

Scubaboo - What would you recommend for a comfortable suspension set up that also performs well? I came a cross a GIANT thread on just suspension, I still have to read all of it.


Also - still new here and not sure if I am properly replying to everyone's comments. But wow thank you all for the quick response and useful, constructive information!

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on the topic of comfortable compliant suspensions, many people on here swear by koni inserts in the front and struts in the rear. coupled with stock springs it will be comparably comfortable but much more compliant in the turns( all info seen was gleaned from other's experiences) i plan to go with 1453s's and 1055s w/ 13-14 springs (slightly stiffer than 10-12) to maintain ride height and and give a little bit better handling, on top of getting rid of worn out shock. Edited by ripstik
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So, what did you think of their service? I have heard nothing but horror stories, anecdotally.


I’m pretty indifferent. No complaints on the BBB, Subaru Certified Mechanics, and good google reviews.


However, NO loaner, and it took them 2.5 months to fix the clutch and head gasket. I took Uber’s everyday for work and then borrowed my dads car cause it got so expensive. He had to redo the timing tension just last month, Chilson Subaru in Eau Claire scoped the belt and saw it flapping around. Also had to redo the axle seals. The bracket the tensioner mounts too had striped threads. AND no part numbers for any of the parts he installs. I wanted the brand and part number of the stage 2 clutch he put in and he couldn’t tell me, I was hoping to chat about it on the forums here.


Oh additionally he charges me $395 for an OEM flywheel, and when I last spoke with him he said he just remachines the original, and said it’s just like how dealers do that to brake rotors.


So I suppose I wouldn’t recommend him, but I didn’t know of any other place to go that knows Subies, besides the dealer.


What had you heard?!

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on the topic of comfortable compliant suspensions, many people on here swear by koni inserts in the front and struts in the rear. coupled with stock springs it will be comparably comfortable but much more compliant in the turns( all info seen was gleaned from other's experiences) i plan to go with 1453s's and 1055s w/ 13-14 springs (slightly stiffer than 10-12) to maintain ride height and and give a little bit better handling, on top of getting rid of worn out shock.



I’ll have to do some research, that sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. I do think lowering, even half an inch would look weird because of the huge wheel body accent. I have 80,000 miles on stock shocks, springs, sway bar, bushings... etc.

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So I suppose I wouldn’t recommend him, but I didn’t know of any other place to go that knows Subies, besides the dealer.



In the Twin Cities area, it seems that the gold standard is RS Motors, JM Automotive, or DB Performance. I have used RS Motors and JM Automotive, and have been very happy with them.



Anecdotally, I have heard of folks buying used cars from Elite that have "no problems" but after a few miles have all the problems that Subaru's do. Maybe it isn't the same "Elite" but the logo seems very familiar.

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I'll have to disagree about the lowering; While I, myself, decided to keep factory ride height, I think our cars visually benefit GREATLY from a small drop. The gap between the tire and fender is huge from the factory, and a little low helps a lot.


On the exhaust topic, I believe all WRX/STI exhausts from 08 and up fit, with slight modification to the mid pipe, but the dual tips on each muffler will not fit our bumper exits well. There were, however, a small amount of SPT single tipped muffler dual exhausts made in, I think, 2010. I am actually getting one this weekend for my GT.

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Juuls, I havent decided on a set up yet, but the Konis mentioned by others have good reviews. Lots of people here are on it and look to be happy with it.


A bit of a drop would look nice IMO, I am on stock height myself because of the roads here but I see a lot of dropped Legacies and they look sick!

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I did a little searching on the tS parts, and found this. Never seen or heard of it before.


Flexible draw stiffener:









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Maybe I am just crazy, but I seriously doubt such a small "brace" would make any kind of measurable difference in chassis stiffness. Especially on only one side of the car. Seems like a solidly mounted skid plate would be miles ahead.


I'm thinking these are supposed to be installed in pairs

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So I got my SPT exhaust installed the other day. The fitment isn't perfect on my car, even though it was pretty good on another 5th genner's car. The tips hang pretty low, and they don't make it quite all the way to the cutouts. It doesn't look horrible, but it doesn't look good.


As for the sound, it is a bit louder than I had hoped. 2000-2500 (or so) rpm is quite loud to me. It does sound good when you get on it, but is louder than I'd like under normal driving. I guess I will be looking into adding a resonator or something.

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When I installed Perrin axlebacks on my car I followed Peaty’s install tips (his link appears dead now). https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/perrin-axel-back-2010-legacy-3-6r-158429.html


For the exhaust hanger closest to the tip, I used the center hole in the factory rubber hanger instead of the normal bottom hole. This helped to both raise and center the tips in the cutout.

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