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I have a 2008 Spec B, it has 145,000 on it, stock turbo/fuel system, nothing overly exciting done to it. It runs well, doesn't use oil, isn't down on power, showing no signs of engine distress. The issue is I have a low ticking sound that can't be heard when the hood is opened but can be heard when behind the wheel. It's not the usual ticking these cars do, and it's not a bearing. It is consistent with the engine load but doesn't increase in harshness as the rpms go up. It almost sounds like when you have a vacuum hose off or a small exhaust leak I've checked all the hoses on the back of the engine and haven't found anything. Like I said it's running well and not throwing any codes. Short of having a smoke test done I have no clue what it could be, especially since you can't hear it under the hood but can inside the car. Any guesses? Thanks.

My car's not a sleeper it's a hibernator.



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