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Invidia Q300 alignment

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The Q300 is in, and the passenger side is perfectly spaced in the opening, but the drivers side is almost right up against the bumper (towards the centerline of the car).


Are there an suggestions for getting the drivers side a bit more even in the opening?





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Longer hanger, rotate the mid-pipe slightly, bend hanger. Stuff like that.





This^^^^. Depending on the hardware used for putting it together there is a fair amount of play between central pipe, Y pipe and the mufflers. I went with M10 bolts, but I believe Q300 holes will take M12 easy. Smaller the number, more play room. Also hangers on muffler cans are much more under an angle compared to stock. may be just moving the rubber hangers on hangers will alter the position.

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I don't see how you can rotate either of the mid pipes.


The next time I have it up in the air I'll try and see what I can do about rotating them.




There is play in the bolt holes, just loosen them a bit so you can adjust the pipes.

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