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Subaru Legacy GX2.5 Scan tool logging mapping

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I have recently replaced exhaust front to back and deleted the CAT.



Installed Wide Band O2 sensor which is working well .



I have a Launch123 and although this unit reads codes and can reset , reads sensors BUT does not allow recording or logging such as graphs.



I am in need of help to identify which Scan type software / hardware interface I can use to log via laptop and possible look at mapping to further understand the workings.



I am adding hydrogen and few other changes and do need to accurately record each change to safeguard any issues.



Thanks in advance





South Africa

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I have experimented with some wet cells and had a spiral HHO generator in my vehicle for a short while low output but it worked well and felt it was worth persuing a dry cell version for longivity.

From this I have also experimented a little with water vapor ultrasonic and fuel vapor.



After much research I decided go for the Unit from HydroclubUSA being a drycell with the Volo chip as part of the kit .Found value in the combined kit and expecting it to arrive before the new year.

Last month I added a new stainless steel 50mm exhaust front to back with two cowley straight through boxes - free flow of course- removed CAT as I am running hydrogen , added WBO2 sensor which allows me monitoring the stoich ratio in real time for peace of mind.



My model of Legacy is rather frustrating , none of the normal everyday products seem to work - appears a year or two (ECU unit firmware) before the standard was fully compliant across all vehicles - so I can read basics but no logging or graphs.

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