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Service recommendation St. Louis, MO area

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Greetings all,


I have been unable to diagnose the clicking noise and am now prepared to get someone smarter than me to have a look.

My original post:



I have no desire to take it to a dealer due to bad past experiences.


Looking for any recommended shops that specialize in Subaru's in the St. Louis area.


Thanks in advance!

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That noise most likely a pulley bearing,spray a little bit of wd-40 on the center of belt tensioner pulley where the bearing is,spray wd-40 on each pulley bearing one at a time till noise goes away,do this while engine is running(please be careful doing this)DO NOT SPRAY it ON THE BELT.


I had the same noise when I pressure washed the engine bay,and noise came on so I sprayed wd40 on the bearing of the tensioner pulley and noise went away and hasn’t came back,if it does come back then you need a new pulley/bearing

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