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Fender height?

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I'm halfway through my Koni/H&R install. I did the rears first knowing it'd take more time, fronts to come. My car is a 2012 2.5i Premium. I got the H&R 54427-2 - I may have the number wrong but GTEASER and others suggested this even though it's intended for the 3.6R as it'll give a more even rake.




Anyway, could someone with stock suspension give me a measurement from the ground to the center of the rear fender arch? I didn't measure before I swapped the rears, but they don't look like they lowered the back end at all. I'm getting 28.5 inches from floor to fender arch.



Thanks in advance.

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Because of differing tire sizes and wheel diameters, it's always best to measure ride height from center of hub to top of fender arch.

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