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Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have searched, and searched and searched and searched for the past 15 min and cannot find what I am looking for.



I need help on Programming a 2013 Legacy 2.5i Key FOB (Original Key lost in park)


I will be ordering this key here:




but cannot find anything Specifically telling me how to reprogram it.


I have heard something about Entering the serial using Lock / Unlock button


and turning the ignition key on / off 10 times in 1 min, but I do not have anything in detail.



The dealer wants $400+ to complete the Job from start to finish, but the way my bank account is setup.



any detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks fam.

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Found on Subaru Outback forum...




The reason there is no documentation for programming the key is that it requires the Subie diagnostic tool to do it and so far I have not heard of anyone but the dealer who has one. The owner's manual does have instructions for programming the remote portion of the key so it will unlock your doors but not start the car. As far as your replacement remote key goes, you can program it per the owner's manual and use it as an extra remote. But if you want it to start the car the key must be cut to match your existing keys and then the dealer must register the key ID in your ECU using the Subie tool.

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When my Subaru dealer did it for ALL of my keys, they didn't even charge me. The reason for me was I swapped out the base cluster in my '14 for the limited model one.


They originally quoted me $125 but since I got my 30K service done, they included the preprogramming in the price quoted just for the 30K service.

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