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Premium Fuel and additives

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The following will not be news to most forum members, but I came across these videos today and thought they might be of interest to some. In the first video the first 10 minutes specifically mentions Subaru, (you can skip the rest) and the second one talks generally about possible additive "scams."




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Basically many cars are JDM imports over here so I use 98 RON only.


Yes I could probably use a 95 RON fuel as a minimum, but I wouldn't go putting 91 RON in my lawnmower.


As he stated you cannot damage the engine going higher but you can stuff your engine going lower in RON so its just not worth the risk.


Got a performance engine and you drive hard ? run 98.


Use 98 and a top quality fully synthetic oil and you don't need any aditives, as per the video they are total shit.


I have actually stripped a low mileage CT26 Turbo and I concluded it had been STUFFED by a fuel additive. The turbine oil seal coked and there was red/pink shit all over the turbine wheel.

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