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Polyurethane bushing for the rear lower arm?


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Does anyone out there make a polyurethane bushing for the rear lower control arm (or lateral link as subaru's part site call it)? Preferably something that doesn't have a sleeve requiring a press to put in?


Here is a pic of the arms I'm talking about with the old bushing pressed out.




I checked Energy, Whiteline, and SuperPro but didn't come up with much other than one that required a sleeve to be pressed in.

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back in the day, my friends and I used to make our own.


sandblast the inside of the arm, then prime the surface. insert a crush tube (also primed) and pour the urethane. you can get two part urethane and primer from most plastics suppliers. we would cap off the bottom side of the assembly with waxed cardboard. IIRC we used 80-90 durometer urethane

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