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HELP - Engine Knocking :(


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Ugh, just passed 3,000 miles on this build and already problems...


Taking the ol' lady on vacation and having issues. So it's been having issues throwing knock counts, especially when cold, but it was no where near what it's doing now. It was behaving well for the first 3 hours of our drive, then I stopped and filled up with more e85 and got a car wash. I only mention the car wash because I never did replace the splash guard under the engine, and maybe there's a chance something got wet?


Anyway, a few miles later the DAM dropped to 1.125 and it started counting TONS of knock. No roughness on any cylinder, oil pressure is good, and the AFRs look ok.


Any ideas? I'm scared to drive it, but we're 4 hours from home. :(


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I've been running without an undersplash guard for years, both in SoCal and in SoCar through cow-peeing-on-a flat-rock hard rains, and weekly car and underbody car washes with zero issues.




Sounds more like bad E85...

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Funny that. I've been seeing a bunch of swings in DAM and watching learned knock on the monitors lately as well. Just placed the primitive pan back on the car. What was interesting for me is it's the first time I've seen DAM drop significantly and recover within a mile or so.


Is DAM staying at a lower than expected reading all the time?


I'm going to start looking for misfires next drive.


EDIT: Noticed after commenting your log. That would freak me out too. Keep an eye on her. Fuel up with some fresh petrol and see if it clears before freaking out too much. Now off to go look at my last drive log since the AP is in the house at the moment.

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Made it to the next stop on our trip. DAM stayed at 1.000 for quite a while. Eventually did drop to .500, then recovered back up to .750. Seemed to run pretty well, but we were just cruising at 70. May try to get it into the local Subaru dealer here in the morning.
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