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Bought another 3rd Gen

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Earlier this year, my wife and I made the decision to sell her 01 LL Bean so that we could use the money to help buy a house. I made her the promise that in the future, I'd buy her another one.


Enter our 03 Outback LL Bean.



We picked it up for $2,500. The guy we bought it from was the second owner and had owned it since 2004 when it has 13,000 miles on it. He provided us with a folder about an inch thick of every maintenance, repair, and upgrade he ever had done to the vehicle, including just spending $800 to have the fuel pump and filter replaced and $1,000 on new shocks and new tires. The tires have about 500 miles on them and the car just took a trip to Vegas the weekend before last. Every rubber part in the suspension, driveline, and engine was replaced. Currently has 192,000 miles on it but judging how this thing runs and drives, it feels more like it has 50,000 miles on it.

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Have the timing chain tensioners been checked or changed? I know that's a common problem for the H6. Anyways nice car my first subaru was a 02 red outback like this. The ride in the outback is soo nice.


Checked, yes. Changed, no. It is to my understanding that there is an unofficial "Phase 1.5" on the H6, which went into effect in 2003 and updated the timing chain tensioners to address potential reliability issues with the H6 experienced with the 01 and 02 H6. From my understanding, it's the same system used in the Phase 2 EZ30.

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