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New Strut Top Croaking?


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Hey guys,


I had a clunk in my front right and chucked a new strut top on in the weekend.


(Wheel off, 10mm ABS and Brake line mounts on strut tower, two 19mm bolts, and the three 12mm strut top nuts. Compressed the spring, electrical tape around shaft, impact gun on the top nut, put the new top on and hit it with the impact gun)


I still have a clunk but now also a croaking when turning the wheel?



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What model are you replacing the top hat on and with what brand?


I went through this whole process 3x, once with KYB for my model year, then upon a recommendation from rallitek a different KYB part # for 2005-2006 OBXT with the same result.


I finally ended up going with the OEM part # for my VIN and it worked like a charm.

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