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Lots of Condensation

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It’s been cold lately so condensation out of the exhaust is fairly normal but last night I thought it seemed to be more than normal. I pulled over and stalled the exhaust and could smell the sweet aroma of antifreeze. Any thought on the likely culprit? It’s a 1997 2.5 liter automatic wagon.
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Hope and pray you didn't pop the head gasket. A cheap and dirty way to tell if it is the head gasket is to make sure your radiator is full, drive a good 30-40 miles with varying levels of abuse on the engine. When you get back home, let the car cool until the temp gauge is at the cold mark. Open the radiator and see if you lost any coolant.


Otherwise, I'd recommend you do a block test on the engine ASAP.

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would disconnecting the hose from the overflow help for the system to not recover any lost coolant helping to identify the issue easier?


after you check the level you can start the engine with the cap off to see if it geysers out just a little from the car shaking to start is ok but shooting out clear up to the hood would be a problem.

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