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Grease - Engine-to-Transmission

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The recommended greases are:


  • Nichimoly N-130 (1) (eBay only)
  • Phillips 66 Multiplex Red No. 2 (2) (widely available in the US)
  • Subaru P/N 000041000 (3)

These are recommended to lubricate the splines and other parts (clutch fork pivot, fork-to-thrust bearing, shaft-to-thrust bearing, shaft-to-pilot bearing). (3)


Purchasing a single cartridge would require access to a nearby ConocoPhillips distributor, none of which exist in Central Virginia, but I have found a vendor, Fastenal, who sells them online by-the-tube:




$10.27 + tax + shipping. Figure <$20 to have a SOA-approved lubricant on labor-intensive-to-access parts.



(1) Mitchell1 A00356978 - accessed 13 Nov 2018

(2) Subaru Service Bulletin 03-69-12R - revised 11 Dec 2012

(3) Subaru Service Bulletin 03-78-17 - 3 Jan 2017

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