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Wanting your thoughts on overheating 07 outback

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Thanks in advance,

I had the HG changed out at 100000. currently 136000. In September the car overheated and thought it might be the HG again. My friend used a block tester and found no combustion gasses in the coolant. YEA. Bottom hose was cool to the touch so changed out the thermostat. Then the radiator tank gave up the ghost, changed that out. and the radiator cap. It over heated again today Nov 12 2018. Of course everything still indicates a HG but the coolant is not discolored, nice bright green. but it blew the cap off the collection tank and was bubbling. As I understand if there a HG problem the coolant color changes because of the combustion gasses. My question is could the thermostat that was suppose to fail open did and does not work and just did not open and it got hot a boiled over.

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Well back up here... Was the waterpump replaced with the timing belt? Assuming were talking about a GT with a EJ255. New water pump and thermostat should have been part of the belt idler and tensioner maintenance.
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Miss read your question. Everything but the water pump was done at 100000. what are you thinking?

thanks for asking all done at 100000 and auto trans flush back in 2015 when I was making money to have someone else do the work.

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That should be their MLS option.


So...are your fans coming on correctly? What brand is the radiator cap? Suggest replacing NAPA stat with [parts listed above.

just got a OEM thremostat

The fans are coming on.

So had to drive my car to work luckily it was 10 degrees above this morning. Top hose was 170 degrees and the bottom hose just 70 degrees. I measured this with a IR thermometer. Aftermarket thermostat is my problem. Now have an oem.

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Ok. Just checking for clarity.


Another thing is make sure you are using the "conditioner" if replacing the coolant. It's been widely debated here and general consensus is it is a preemptive stop leak product pushed by Subaru to help prevent head gasket failure. My choice after my rebuild was to put it in the system. Others disagree, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Choice is yours.

I'm convinced the final need to to rebuild my motor was because of the silly decision to flush the cooling system with a prestone product.

Hoping for you the OEM thermostat is going to keep you running. Let us know how it goes.

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