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Cam's LGT to OBXT frankenstein build

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Annnnnnd I'm back...


For anyone whos been around the engine rebuild threads in the past few years, you may remember me from when I was in the process of rebuilding my LGT sedan. That magnificent blue POS is still indeed on the road and is currently my DD here at school. I'm now in Rochester (believe it or not we have shittier weather/winters here than back home VT) at RIT and have oddly made it home.


Now for Subaru tings; I recently acquired a gem of an OBXT when I was back in the northeast for a traffic court date. It's a red 06 with 146k on it, black leather interior, and 5 speed manual. Sketchiest private sales deal of my life by far... Regardless, only paid $1800 for it. Engine is a mystery, in the short time I had to mess with it, I found that it has some major grounding issues (negative battery terminal is falling off) and generally electrical issues. I'm assuming bad alternator and battery too. Frame is spotless, interior is in good shape, and the car is entirely stock. Trans shifts though all the gears smoothly, but certainty needs bushings.


My plan for the car is to rip the engine out when I get home for winter break in December, and replace it with the one from my leggy. I'm fairly confident that everything will swap right over, including my AP and such, and it will be an easy job to do in the 3 weeks I have at home. Things such as the exhaust are clearly going to be trickier, but ideally I'd like to make bumper cutouts so I can run my legacy exhaust without hanging it and looking jank. Other than small things such as this, I don't see any major issues. Am I missing anything?


Mainly, I'm making this thread to look for input from any other OBXT owners who've done similar to this. Also I'm assuming there's still some people on here from 2-3 years ago when I first rebuilt my car who'd appreciate following this endeavor. I will try to update this thread with pictures/progress updates when I can, but in the meantime here are stock pictures as it sits in my garage now...


Parts will likely be getting ordered around Thanksgiving time, plan is to do new head gaskets/associated engine refresh gaskets, plane/hot-tank/etc. the heads, re-do value clearances (AGAIN), and then new clutch. New seals too. Am I missing anything major? I have a much more organized list/procedure written out at home too, but this is generally what I'm thinking about now as I sit here in a Physics 2 lecture.


Any input is greatly appreciated!


… Also on a side note if anyone on here works in a field as/with Mechanical Engineers, and is looking for summer interns, let me know haha! I'm experienced in Solidworks, Machining, Manufacturing, etc. and would be happy to send you my resume if you have any positions open!






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