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2017 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium Audio


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My previous 30k+ Tacoma came with paper speakers, so even $20 each speakers wete an upgrade. My Legacy supposedly has HK speakers according salesperson, even though it doesn’t have HK pckage. The sound is pretty bad though, so I don’t know how much to believe that. Don’t really feel like opening up doors and dash if I don’t have to.
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Just pull a door card and have a look at what you have fitted.


Just finished rebuilding my set-up. Took 4 speakers in and had the foam surrounds replaced. Wouldn't even look at aftermarket speakers due to the fitment and the fact they are 8 Ohm and not your typical 4 Ohm speakers.


Not sure what your "Premium" set-up is but the JDM setup is McIntosh and its pretty good and no need to try and upgrade it.


If your foam speaker surrounds are shot its going to sound like shit.

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