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Windshield Defroster only works on drivers side

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2006 Legacy 5sp Non Turbo


Now that it's been getting colder here in the Northeast, I'm finding that the passenger side of the windshield does not defrost nearly as effectively as the driver's side. Not scientific but it feels likes there is a smaller volume of air from the right side vent at the front of the dash.


I'm curious how these things are ducted. It does not seem like it would be a mechanical door type issue since it works on one side. Maybe a duct disconnected behind the dash?


Any descriptions, diagrams or microfiche of how the system works would be appreciated.

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No diagram but I've got 2 wild guesses for you:


If you have dual climate controls it could be a blend door actuator failure.


Or if you you've had the airbag recall completed on your car, one of the most common complaints after that service is misaligned vents...


You might be able to hear a bad actuator clicking after shutdown, for what it's worth.

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Thanks apexi, those diagrams were exactly what I was looking for. It's manual controls.


I hear the doors moving and such, and based on the diagram the defroster airflow is either on or off. Nothing divides the air between left and right.


So that leaves me with the defroster duct on the right side is either plugged/blocked or misaligned with the vents in the top of the dash.


I'll check it out, maybe blow some compressed air down the duct and see if it opens up.

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