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Going to try spacers before my wheel bearing refresh

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Had surgery on my shoulder today. Doing some drugged up ebay shopping and decided I wanna get some 20-25mm spacers with the stock wheels. Gonna be laid up for for a few weeks and recently bought a house with with a heated garage that I'm excited to use. Anyone have pics of 1" spacers on a stock suspension 4th gen? The car is sitting atm and have a few hundred to putz with%5B/img%5D,%20just%20looking%20to%20see%20how%20they%20would%20look.%20Pretty%20new%20to%20this%20forum,%20if%20there%20is%20already%20a%20thread%20concerning%20this%20let%20me%20know!%20Thank%20you%20much!

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I have 16x8+50 FD wheels with 15mm adapters for a winter set up and it sits perfectly flush with the fender. If that's what you're going for than a 20mm spacer with the stock wheels would be your choice. The 25's(1") are going to stick out a smidge if that's what you want.


EDIT: Google even brought me back here.



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