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Oil leak help

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Got Dyno Tuned after this. They think it is coming from the Rear Main Seal. Not worth the engine pull and replacement cost. Updates since the OG Post. Smell is geting worse slowly, probably as more oil seep accumulates.


One Thing I noticed, when I chnaged from Mobil 1 to Motul the smell got 300% worse. My first thought was that the Motul must have been thinner and therfore leaking more. But I think it is simply down to the fact that different oils have different smells when burnt. When I swapped again to Castrol, the smell is not sharp like Motul, and this is most likely why the dealers use the oil they use. They don't smell like an oil leak!!. Still no dripping or anything so it must be being burnt on the exhuast or simply seeping around the area.

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