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Radiator shrouds, pretty/functional/both?

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Does anyone have any experience with the Subtle Solutions or similar radiator shroud on a 3rd Gen OB? I'm considering one for the XT and/or Sprout if they actually do something other than bling up the engine bay.


Subtle, Grimspeed and others claim that:

"Another common issue that we are fixing is that in stock form, because of the way the front of the Subaru is designed, there is incoming air that doesn't actually pass through the radiator because of some large gaps in sealing at the top. Our shroud forces this air back through the radiator which in turn keeps the radiator cooler."


Thoughts? Experiences? Worth something, wasting $80?

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Never heard of any car overheating because of a gap between the frame and the radiator. You're not gonna notice any difference, the statement is probably there to just give an excuse to buy it so it's not just "buy this pretty sheet of metal for $80". They do look good, so if you think it's worth it go for it, but don't think that it's actually gonna make the car run any significant amount cooler.
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There are seals on the hood to address the gaps. There are bigger gaps to the side if you're trying to seal things up.


I run a grimmspeed one. Not because I think it does anything for cooling, but because it makes the radiator mounting adjustable. Thus I can pull it forward to provide more fan-inlet hose clearance.

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I have no intention of turning a daily into a track car, but I am tempted to pick one up for the hopeful benefits as well as the aesthetics.


My short term goals for the XT to be are improved reliability via a catless UP and a Cobb OTS stage 1. If nothing serious happens, I'll go Stage 2 with a protune but that is not certain until I know if I have a 1 year car or a 10 year car, as it'll be pushing 13 years old when I get it from the original owner.


It'll be a daily driver, occasional road tripper, and camping vehicle. Making a Subaru turbo as reliable as I can get it is more important to me than ultimate performance.

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I recently purchased the grimmspeed shroud. I really felt like I wasted $80 but as JM said they add quite a nice touch to the engine bay. I highly doubt they have much if any functional value, but if it secures a path of air over the fins of the radiator that would otherwise go elsewhere in the engine bay then there could be some cooling efficiency gains
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