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I NEED CORES! What does that tell you?


If you have VF40/46/52 cores or even VF39/43/48 cores, I'm interested in them.


Thanks for your patience everyone. I'm back on the mend and moving forward so I'll be around a bit more.

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Everyone with cores, please PM me and let's see what we can work out. As always, I remember people who help me when they need help, so thanks much in advance.


I'll see if I can grab my old vf46 back out of my buddies shop, it's just sitting on the shelf there

08 Spec B, insta: @08_spec_b, 10 SH Forester insta: @shfozzy
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Guys, I have enough parts on hand to actually build 3 complete turbos right now. I have 2 OE Style VF40 I'll be building and one Custom VF46. I'll be working on these in the next few days.

Any and all cores will be greatly appreciated. ;)

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Decided to visit some of my archived stuff today. I've had these parts in a box for the better part of 4 years now as I had abandoned the bearing plan.


As far as I know, this is the only roller bearing VF40 turbo center section on the planet. I had the parts for this with the custom machined center bearing support housing and the roller bearings I had purchased to build a couple of prototypes, so I went ahead and assembled it tonight.


Originally, my idea was to run quad ball bearings as in the photo in the next post, and I'm sure that idea would work as I had a prototype up and running for a little bit, I think the roller bearing idea is far more robust than the 4 ball bearing design would be.


This particular center section also has larger than stock VF40 forged billet custom wheel on it. I will probably finish it and try it on my own car in the early spring just to see what it does. The wheel is between a VF40 and VF52 in size, so it might just be a perfect combination for spool and upper RPM pull.


I won't ever build another with this size wheel as it was extremely labor intensive to make the compressor housing match up to the wheel (back when I had access to the tools needed), but if the center itself with the roller bearings turns out to be viable, I may pursue it again utilizing my normal Custom VF40/46 forged billet wheel and see where it leads me. I have a new potential machine shop that just may work out.




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This was my original idea and I might just revisit it too. I do believe the roller bearings will be more solid, but they do have more friction due to the width of the rollers versus the ball bearings. On the left is what is currently inside of a VF40/46 turbo with journal bearings and the spacer. On the right was my quad bearing idea and it lined up perfectly with the oil feed to push the oil between the two bearings on each end. It has worked already for me as I had one on my own car for a short time. Time will tell.


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