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Low oil light with full oil?

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Last evening I started the car and the low oil light came on, turned the key off after about 5 seconds, checked dipstick and the level was 1/8'' below the low mark. Then I drove about 8 miles to home and waited for the engine to cool for about an hour, checked the dipstick again and it was almost at the full mark (similar to the level that I checked last month). While still confused I reset the low oil light. Does this indicate something's wrong with the oil pump? The car drove fine without any noise from the engine.
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I know my 3.6r has the oil light come on when I take very short drives and it does not heat up to operating temp. If I drive only a mile and stop my car the next time I drive it usually the light comes on. Still has oil full and everything. I never really looked into why it would do it however mine might burn a quart every 2.5k


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Check the manual. After topping off oil, you have to drive for a mile or so with the car warmed up for the low oil level light to turn off. My light came on once when parked in a steep hill, I freaked out when it didn’t turn off after driving a block. Edited by NVAKeith
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