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15" wheels for lifted 96

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I recently bought a 96 wagon and just put the 98 Forester struts on it. I am wanting to get tires around the 27-1/2" dia range and in doing so want to put some 15" wheels on it.


I am striking out with any salvage yards within 100mi radius and could use some help on what aftermarkets or other make/models work.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Here is a great reference I like to use:




Although 5x100 is becoming less and less common, tons of older GM, Dodge/Chrysler, VW, Audi, and Toyotas(with modifications due to smaller center bore). Obviously, other Subaru wheels will work as well.



My Legacy never came with the factory Snowflakes so I've used my collection of GM wheels over the years, from Grand AM 15"s to Cavalier 16"s.





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