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Help with small oil leak/seep: 2010 JDM Legacy GT

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Hey guys found this the other day. This is on the left side of the engine towards the rear.


No drips or smell (I might have forgotten what oil smells like), it just looks wet. I should add that the dealer slightly overfilled the oil which is kinda what made me worried in the first place and triggered me to start looking for leaks.


From looking at it, I think its coming from the component with the white marking that has all the oil next to it. Any idea what that is?


Thanks guys!



Edited by 2010 5EAT Legacy GT
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Its close to the oil scavenge pump on the head.

Does look like oil, but it looks more like something built up over time.


I wouldn't stress over that.


You could give it a good clean and then start tracking how much is collecting. Keep an eye on oil levels if going on that track day.

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