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Ej22d to ej204 swap.

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Hi all,


I'm new to this thread and have some questions about an engine swap. I have a 1996 Subaru outback, wagon edition. It was leaking internally and overheating until I replaced the head-gaskets. I was being cheap and did not resurface the heads, just trying to buy some time. It stopped overheating but recently started leaking externally. It has 290,000 miles and I want to keep it running until 500,000! I could rebuild it, or I could swap the 2.2 liter for the ej204. Which would last longer. I would be doing all the work myself and have a shop that doesn't mind helping me while I use their bay.


Are the two engines compatible? Would I need to tune the ECU? And how functional would it be? I'm not against rebuilding my motor, but the ej204 I'm looking at has less than 65k miles on it.


Thanks for the future info,




P.S. it's a manual.

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