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Reverse lights not working

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I'm having trouble pinpointing exactly which ground it could be, but I highlighted the grounds in the tailgate area below.


Also, if it's an AT, the fsm makes it seem like there's a relay inside the car, but I'm not seeing it @ the subaru parts website.. Maybe I'm reading things wrong, and it's the tail relay inside the engine bay



If it's a MT, I wonder about the reverse switch on the transmission too. It may be unlikely, but I checked my neutral switch a few days ago, and it's pretty easy to check. Though, on the turbos it might be more difficult, the neutral and reverse connectors are near the main engine wiring harness on my non-turbo.


The fsm says the neutral switch is towards the back of the transmission, and it says "Brown" next to it, so I'm guessing the connector is brown? It says the reverse switch is toward the front, and it says "Grey". I think there still fairly close together from what I can remember. It says the resistance between the two terminals should be less than 1ohm in reverse, and over 1ohm in anything other than reverse.


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