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When do I need to replace this timing belt? Interp help needed! 1998 Legacy

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Hey folks,


I recently bought my 2nd Subaru, a 1998 Legacy Outback with the 2.5 and a manual transmission. I'm working out some initial kinks (IACV is sticking, throws a catalytic converter code, shifter is a bit sloppy) and also planning out the next 25K miles of maintenance, and I'm hitting a snag.


The car has 260K on the body, and the PO said 70K on a new motor. Reading the receipts (should have been more thorough before purchase) it says some stuff I don't know the meaning of, or what to do with.




"R and R engine


New throwout bearing,NGK Plugs, oil and filter, anti freeze


Remove from old to new engine:

Timing belt, water pump, covers, intake manifold and components, fron covers, pullies, belts, A/C, ALT, P/S, Radiator and Fang.


Paid $1735"


I know what everything there stands for, but I'm having a hard time of figuring out what it means for preventative maintenance. Should I interpret an R&R engine to mean it was effectively new when the work was done? Would its mileage have mattered? When should I replace the timing belt and water pump?


THANK YOU for any help and clarification you can provide

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If PO paid $1735 to R+R the motor, he either had a new one for the shop to install or they put a junkyard motor in it and swapped parts from his old motor onto the one now in the vehice. They re-used the timing belt so I'd be a little leary about its age. You can pull the covers and check the condition of the belt prior to replacing.
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