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1996 Outback 2.2l engine swap


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My buddy was driving and smoke started coming from engine compartment, he shut the car off immediately and coasted to the shoulder, he wants me to fix it for him. After I got it to my shop I checked oil and coolant(oil pan was empty and radiator was dry), topped off fluids and tried starting it. Engine cranked fine but no spark. After digging a little deeper I found a couple hoses on intake were melted and the timing belt cover was partially melted as well. My buddy picked up a 1997 model with the same engine for $200 and wants me to swap the motor from the 97 to the 96. My only hold up on the swap is I've been told that the 1996 is a year specific motor only. I haven't found anything to back it up, but I hate to tear into the cars and find out I wasted my time. Any info would be appreciated!
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That may be because it is OBD2 motor that was still an older non-interference design with the lower compression.


The 97' is interference design and has a little higher compression and hp/tq figures too. Everything that you want to swap over will as long as you just make sure to have your 96' next to the 97' when you swap everything over.

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