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2015 Subaru Legacy Navigation System

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We just had our 30,000 mile service and now our Navigation System is all out of wack...We cannot see any of the streets in our neighborhood, and the entire keyboard will not display for me to type in a full street name...I downloaded the latest map updates and uploaded them onto the MicroSD card and reinstalled it into the vehicle, but this had not effect on the mapping. I guess I'm going to have to take it back in to the dealer unless someone here has had a similar problem and knows the solution.
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I know there was just a map update released, not sure if it is for model year 2015 or not, but your dealer may have installed the update without telling you. Do you know how to check the software version of the display? Here is a link that should help with determining if you have the most up to date and correct software for your vehicle.



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