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2003 Subaru Legacy stopped accelerating in drive

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Friends! Had a terrible experience yesterday. I was driving someplace and suddenly I felt the engine a bit strained (not sure though), then I saw a slight bit of White smoke from under the hood while driving. Being very cold in Chicago I thought it might be the air or condensation, BUT in a few seconds, the car stopped accelerating. When pressed the accelerator pedal, the RPMS would go up (I could see the tacho needle) but it wouldn’t move. The car eventually lost motion and I was stuck in the middle of a busy road.


When they towed the car, I could see that there was oil leaking under the engine.


Any ideas on what might be the issues? The mechanic shop opens on Monday and until he finds time to check on my car I wouldn’t know what problem might be.


Some background: The car has about 103,000 miles and I had bought the car a couple weeks back from an auction dealer. Had recently changed the oil too after the purchase. Another issue I forgot to add- The transmission selector would not click into place in drive but would be like kind of mushy, I would have to drag it there to put the car on drive. Maybe a loose cable ?





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Sounds like the trans went. did you hear any noises? To see oil or trans fluid leaking is pretty bad.




No did not hear anything. I was moving about 40 mph and suddenly it stopped accelerating. Other the ‘drive’ mode being sticky to slot into (took some effort), I had no other indications.



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