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OEM subwoofer H630SAG000 vs H630SAG001


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I've been doing some research on the OEM subwoofer for my 2007 2.5i wagon...

looks like subwoofer with part number H630SAG000 is the one that fits all legacys from 2005 to 2009.



today I was able to pick one up, from a parted out 2005 legacy GT sedan...but I only noticed when I got home

that the part # is different...the one I got is H630SAG001.


both subwoofesr and brackets look the same for both H630SAG000 and H630SAG001, only the wiring harness is slightly different...

the wiring harness I got has a blue plastic sheath instead of black.


anyone know if there's any issue with it fitting in my 2.5i wagon (head unit is P-204UH)

this thread suggests that the wiring harness might be different. (post#3)




however, I'm guessing if a H630SAG000 fits all legacys from 05-09...then that would imply the connections are the same for the various HU.

therefore even though this subwoofer has a different part # (and was originally from a 2005 GT)... then it should fit any legacy from 05-09 right?

which this thread seems to confirm connections are the same (swapping 05 HU with 08 HU)...



arghh...the more threads I read, the more confusing it gets.

hopefully someone can advise what the difference is and if there'll be any issues for me to install...thanks.

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Its not going to matter, as long as it physically direct fits and the impedance on the back is the same, probably 8 Ohms ? or measure it with a multi meter and it will be 7.2 to 7.5 Ohms or something its fine to use.


I get my speakers rebuilt over here, there is a company that puts in a new foam cone suspension and tests them. Had the Sub in the rear drivers side boot panel rebuilt a couple of years ago.

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