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Jdm legacy converting to vf37 (sti turbo)

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I have the opportunity to purchase a vf37 with very low mileage and all necessary piping required to run the set up super cheap. Now here's my problem, currently my jdm legacy has the vf38 which is also twin scroll but doesn't make nearly the power a 37 would or have nearly as many options upgrade wise. I purchased a much larger TMIC very similar in size to the grimspeed one which I would like to use and am wondering if I swap all parts and necessary piping, could I run this set up with my LGT intake manifold and custom silicone piping to mate the bigger TMIC to the turbo and throttle body without a problem. I honestly need someone who is either very familiar with TS setups and or JDM legacy engines (ej20x). I'm sure it's possible. Just need some feedback. Thanks!
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