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my car smells of gas

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hi - I have a 1995 Legacy (2.2 litre). Lately I've been smelling gas a lot, both inside and outside the car. My mechanic suggested there might be a leak in the tube from the gas cap to the tank and suggested I fill it to the brim and check for leaks. I did that but didn't notice any leaks, although I can smell gas in the left rear wheel well.


Any obvious places where gas might be leaking from? It feels a bit dangerous driving a car that might be leaking gas so I'd like to get this fixed asap. Thanks.

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Wagon or sedan?


In the wagon you can fold down the rear seat and then pull back the cargo carpet. You'll find a cover held in by screws on each side of the vehicle. You can open that up and there will be various parts of the fuel system that you can inspect. The passenger side has the main fuel line and return, the driver side has some vent and rollover valve stuff.


In the sedan they are in the same place, it just isn't as easy to get to them though the trunk.

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