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Radiator woes

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My son's 2002 Legacy sedan is leaking radiator fluid. He says it's coming from the radiator and not one of the hoses, but I'll see tomorrow when i pick it up. Assuming he's right, and i need to replace the radiator, should i go with a Denso? Also, can i go with Rock Auto's green pentosin or do i need to stick with genuine subaru coolant?
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Check the top and bottom plastic tanks on the rad for white residue




I got a 100$ spectra branded rad on amazon and it's been working fine for 4 years.




Subaru OEM coolant if that's all it's ever had. Pentosin is a good brand but not sure if there green coolant is on par with OEM subaru.

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That guy's a tard. You can still get green coolant he just didn't stock it...... and no not all green coolant is the same. Most parts guys know nothing. Subaru coolant is far superior in quality compared to prestone or peak.



If you flush whole system you can run blue.

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Can anyone verify if DENSO 221-3601 radiator fits both auto and manual transmission 2000 Legacies? i'm getting conflicking info that they use different radiators, although I have no idea why. Thanks.
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