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Assuming you're referring to the thread you started re: making your car autonomous, it was deleted for marketing a product without being a registered vendor on the forum. There's a link to the forum rules at the top of the page, and rule #5 outlines the vendor status requirement. There's a link there to the services page, in case that's something you're interested in looking in to.


Also, you included links to your company's website, and you went as far as including fine print stating that you and your company are registered sales affiliates with the organization offering the product, which sure sounds to me like you were advertising and you knew it.


Had you left out any mention of personal involvement and just posted it as a topic to discuss, there's a chance the thread could have stayed open. I'd very strongly recommend that you don't re-post such a thread without having a conversation with a site admin first, as that'd likely get you banned pretty quickly.

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