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Legacy wagon vs. Outback struts

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i just went to a mechanic to change my front struts on my 2005 legacy GT wagon.

and he put on outback struts. the fronts are sitting way high and i had to point it out to him for him to realize.

he claims that he ordered a strut for a limited wagon and they are higher. is that true?

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so this mechanic, steve, gave me back the car like this.

i pointed it out to him and asked if he test drove it. he said yes he drove it and it was fine.

I asked him if he was crazy, and to take a look at the wheel gap difference from the back to the front.

He then asked me literally 5 times if I put in lowering springs. I explained to him 5 times its completely stock suspension.

This was Friday, he said to drive it and bring it back Monday and he'll fix it with the right part.

Does driving it like this damage the drive train in any way?

Its basically an outback front with the stock legacy struts in the rear.

i'm so pissed off because this set me back 3 days, instead of just 1 day, which is what this service should have taken.


Any recs for good mechanics in the north east atlanta, Georgia area?

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