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O.B. 3.6R Mod Report

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2014 O.B. 3.6R Limited.


Just a rundown.


For those 3.6R owners who are interested.



- Raptor Headers.



- Yonaka 2.5'' in/out SS metal-core Race Cats. (w/ 2nd O2 bung welded into each).


- Yonaka 2.5" SS mandrel bent piping run back through Yonaka flex connectors and Y-branch, and adapted to stock resonator/muffler system. (See note)


- XRT Tune.



- Vehicle top speed limiter delete. (Please save any boy-scout comments about this for the troop meetings).


- Cusco Touring-A struts/shocks all around.



- 20 mm RSB w/ CKE SSP RSB bushings, (the hardest durameter he makes!).



- Whiteline RSB braces.


- CKE SSP FSB bushings, (the hardest durameter he makes!).


- SSD Performance Rally Light Bar. w/ 2x 100w Hella amber fogs and 2x 100w Hella clears.




I chose to stick with the stock silencers to avoid excessive exhaust drone. Replacing the stock Cats and associated piping has added some nice low to mid-throttle growl, (you can hear the valve tech kick in!), but NO discernible drone.


The rebound adjustable Cusco shock/struts, while not a big departure from stock compression specs certainly is an advantage on keeping things settled down on uneven surfaces at speed.

The 20mm RSB certainly helped, and though it is hard to discern separately, (these kind of things are incremental), the CKE SSP bushings front and back certainly are worth the small cost and they are holding up perfectly well.


I'm thinking of updating the RSB to the Whiteline 22mm RSB.



Hope someone finds this info useful.


Joel H.

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