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fuel line solutions

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so looking into Fuel lines for an 09 forester, so N/A EJ253. just for the primary fuel feed, since there is no return, its looking like close to $150 from subaru for rubber hoses.


Part #42075AG700 and #42075FG640



there are the quick disconnect style. I was just wondering if anyone had ran anything else, I know there are just the quick connections for sale with a barb to put any length hose on. also wondering if any one has just ditched the fittings and jammed a hose on the hardline with any success?

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You can buy quick connectors and fuel injector hose for much less than $150. I would not just jam the rubber hose on the hard line, it'll blow off and you really don't want that.


Make sure you get the high pressure fuel injection hose, there still is a bunch of light weight carb stuff floating around that can't handle the pressure. For my LGT, I used Dorman 800-080 5/16 quick connect with 5/16 fuel injection hose. Should be around $20 all told for the pair of quick connects, hose, and a couple clamps.

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