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Loose cam sproket

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So I bought this 2000 legacy GT over a year ago, and apparently the last owner changed the timing belt, but didn't properly tighten all the bolts down. A couple of days ago, the engine started making noise which I thought was rod knocking, but I noticed the left camshaft pulley was loose. I've had a few people look at it, and a couple seem to think I can just replace the cam, as the end where the sprocket meets is pretty reamed out and worn. I just want to find out if this is worth fixing, and how to if so. It has a little over 200,000 on it, and is in decent shape.


Thanks for any help!:confused:



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Well, I didn't do a proper compression test, as I don't have the tool to do so. So I pulled the spark plugs out on the side with the issues, and plugged the holes with my finger, and both cylinders have some compression. However, there is some resistance and a significant click every half revolution of the crank. Wish I could upload pictures of the end of the camshaft, but this site is picky with pictures. Guess I will try and upload them to a url.
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Looks like your going to need a new cam shaft at the very least. you probably wouldnt have gotten good results on the compression test because of the cam being a bit out of time due to the alignment slot, nub missing.


If it didnt run rough then you probably didnt skip timing. youd be best off pulling the head and doing valve stem seals and checking the valves on that side at least. How many miles are the timing belt kit? Theres a few ways to go about this all time dependent.


I bought a high mileage 96 L wagon with a deteriorating timing belt. I was originally going to put an old spare belt on it to get it going but ended up pulling the motor and doing headgaskets, timingbelt kit, all the orings and seals and a clutch to just to make sure everything was ok since it didnt look like the car was well taken care of and I know what im dealing with in the future. Hopefully once its back in the car Ill have a nice car that will last the length of the timing belt haha.

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