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Rear Camber Woes

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2011 Legacy 3.6R 117K Bone Stock.


Was changing my brake fluid when I noticed the right rear tire had excessive edge wear and some cupping? maybe (see picture attached).


I took the car in yesterday to a local tire chain that I last had do the alignment.

They put it on the rack and let me know the right rear camber was at the very end of its specification (1.8) which could be the reason for the edge wear.


They offered to install adjustable camber control arms for ~$400. I politely declined since I did not want any work done with them further than an alignment. They did not tell me who made the new arms and I assumed they would be of questionable quality (this is the tire chain who insists on changing calipers with a brake job).


Does anyone else have thoughts on this? Would you pursue adjustable arms or pull the existing arms and change the bushings maybe?



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Edge wear is more likely to come from the toe adjustment than the camber angle, especially given the camber is within specs according to the sheet, although it is at the limit. If nothing in the rear suspension is worn or loose, you could consider an adjustable set of arms, I am sure you could get them for less than $400 and they aren't terribly hard to install.
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Whiteline makes good suspension parts, as well as SPC and superpro. I don't have any experience with them yet, hopefully Gteaser or one of the other autox members pops in to recommend a more specific set. If not you can always shoot them a PM they enjoy helping others spend money on our cars! Good luck, hope you get it all figured out.
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Right rear camber being as much a -1 degree more than the other side from the factory is nothing new.....I think a large percentage of 5th Gens have this issue and it's exacerbated when the car is lowered.


Whiteline or SPC makes adjustable lower control arms that will correct it and even it up from side to side. Anything that fits 08-18 WRX/STI and BRZ will fit our cars. But as FLlegacy mentioned, rear toe should really be set to 0 to avoid edge wear.

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