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Weird headlight issues

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For some background, yesterday I had my windsheild replaced which meant I had to reattach and hook up my dashcam. I currently have it hooked into the rear view mirror connector (no homelink mirror). I initially set this up my buying a mirror cable (H501SXA120) and wired into it. I noticed though that the power shut off to the mirror when putting the car in reverse. Since there are 3 wires I tried using my multi-meter to test if one of the wires was a constant source of power rather than cutting when in reverse. In doing so I blew a fuse (#6 Seat heater, mirror, etc). I said screw it, I'll leave the harness alone, replaced the fuse plugged the harness back in, checked the dash cam and seat heater and all is well. That is until this morning...


So this morning I started my car and my headlights were on, but when I released the handbrake they turned off :confused: I came to realize that the headlights were actually turned off at the stalk and when the handbrake was up the DRLs were on (opposite of normal, up=off down=on). When I turn on the headlights neither headlight works, left, right, high or low beam, nor do the fogs work. The parking lights do work. If I pull the handbrake up the DRLs (sometimes) go back on. Now for the really weird part. When I put the car in reverse the DRLs work :iam:


I have a feeling that when I poked my multi-meter around I blew one or more other fuses, it would make sense that one of those 3 mirror wires has something to do with headlights (can't fine a schematic). So short of pulling every different headlight fuse and relay one by one, what should I look at first to solve this wonky ass headlight issue?

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Update: I found the issue. When putting the car in reverse the DRLs come on, so I checked to see if the reverse lights came on too. Nope. Checked the reverse light fuse and sure enough it's blown. That couldn't possibly be it though, right? Subaru wouldn't engineer their headlights to completely fail when you blow a reverse light fuse, that would be stupid... and that was it.


WTF Subaru?

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THANK YOU!!! What an unexpected unrelated thing to have wired in with the headlights! WTF Subaru indeed. I was experiencing the same thing. I checked the reverse fuse under the hood and it was fine, but led me to realize my reverse lights were not working. Upon further investigation, it was a different fuse in the interior fuse box. The 10A one labeled "LAMP IG" next to "SEAT HTR" and "H/L RH RLY".


Seems any time I touch any single wire on this car I blow a fuse. Thanks for this thread, problem solved.

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