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MAP and Coolant Temp sender locations?

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I got a Reveltronics multigauge and reading its instructions I understand it has the capability to read OE sensors and display them, you have to scale via laptop though.


I am thinking to tap into the existing OE MAP and Coolant sensors to get and display boost and coolant temps.


Where are these located on our engines?


What are the pros and cons of tapping into existing sensors vs adding new ones?


If I tap, what would be the best way to do it? I'd like to disturb the OE harness as little as possible.

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Coolant temp sensor is on the coolant crossover pipe (under the intake manifold, not far from the alternator side of the engine.


We have a Maf sensor on our intake box but I'm not aware of the Map sensor.


This link may assist you:


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I've got a picture there showing where it is, although it's a bit of a close-up. The sensor on the left side is for my boost gauge, so that's not original equipment, but that round inline filter is (or should be) in the line from the manifold to the MAP sensor.

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The green one is plugged into the alternator, the triangular 3-pin right on top of that round filter is for the boost gauge (that pressure sender is the round one on the left), and the flat 3-pin with the orange cable seals is for the OEM MAP sensor.


Re-reading your post, the round thingy you're talking about is probably the boost gauge sender, so yeah, that connector is for the OEM sensor.

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