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Door Chime, not seat belt chime

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Hey all


2017 Legacy Limited

Keyless start


Put car in park, shut down car, remove seat belt, open door... Chime sounds until the door is closed. I have tried pushing the door shut button by my left hip, it does stop the chime but when I release the button, the chime returns. My guess is, the door shut button must be pushed for a long-er period of time


If during the chime the passenger door is opened, the chime stops, go figure


I haven't found a combination yet to prevent the door chime


Any ideas?


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I might have found the issue, it really is an order of shutdown


If the seat belt comes off prior to being placed into park, the door will chime when opened. If park is first, belt second, no chime


Now why the passenger door terminates the chime is anyone's guess


I'll keep playing with it


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