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Tune for raptor headers

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So the Raptor headers for the 5th gen Legacy are back in stock and I am kinda tempted. Are the headers even worth it? I would like to keep my car a reliable daily driver and I am afraid of messing that up. I would like to know if they require a tune (I'm guessing yes). Is there anyone you guys recommend for a tune around the Detroit area in Michigan or perhaps etune? Is there perhaps an opensource tune I can use? I don't know much when it comes to tuning and stuff like that. Edited by ssulb
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Read the 3.6R mods thread. All outlined there.

Headers will require both a tune and replacement cats.


You can run them without a tune, but you will actually loose power output

and accelerate the death spiral of the stock cats if you do.


As FLlegacy mentioned they are a worthwhile mod and actually

the only performance mod that makes sense and gives tangible benefits on an H6.

Everything else is a waste of money or tune destabilizing.


Headers, suspension, brakes - in that order.

Edited by Perscitus
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Perscitus, don't you mean, brakes, suspension then headers? :lol:


Ssulb, definitely get a tune. I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say the average gains with the full exhaust is about 30whp/30wtq or so overall with an even nicer bump in low end torque with the headers.


XRT E-tune also does some work with quickening the shifting, throttle response and he tunes safe, so you don't really worry about pinging. We have a few members running the tune and headers for thousands of miles without issue.


Listen to Perscitus, he can probably show you his melted stock cats from experience :p




Here's a good post for the exhaust.

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I've been on an actual dyno with mine. I'm XRT tuned, with only an AEM drop in filter and Nameless axelbacks, and I'm sitting at a healthy ~30 hp above stock. The tune is well, WELL worth it, and the headers will garner your even more power and a lot more torque. I'm planning on doing headers and exhaust in the spring with the same shop that ran this dyno sheet, so I'll have a nice comparo before and after.




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I keep on saying I will do a tune but I just never have the spare finances nor time to do so. I was going to do a lot of things this summer but I put it off because I was focused on working and school. I am going to hold of purchasing the headers and the tune until next summer. I have yet to figure out my drone problem with my INVIDIA N1 catback. Tried two different resonators and still didn't help toning it back.
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We had a member go as far as using a j-pipe resonator to cancel out unwanted drone. Take your time with it though. I bought this car three years ago and I finally just got the Koni/Eibach suspension in. I've also done brakes so now it's just exhaust. I've had the tune for over two years now and I check every once in awhile to see how she's doing. My FLK has been acceptable lately. Only seeing about -1 pulled at the top of 2nd and zero FLK at the top of 1st. I typically don't drive my car like that, especially because she's choked from the stock exhaust.


I can't say for certain but I think the tune with the cable will run you about $575 right now or so, maybe cheaper. It's such a nice improvement, I can't say it enough. I've been back and forth to stock for warranty work and other things and it just makes me sad inside to see it at stock, with the mushy pedal response, slow shifts and only midrange power.

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